Waiting on Wednesday: Starstruck by Cyn Balog

Gwendolyn "Dough" X doesn't think she has much going for her—she carries a few extra pounds, her family struggles with their small bakery in a town full of millionaires, and the other kids at her New Jersey high school don't seem to know that she exists. Thank the stars for her longtime boyfriend, Philip P. Wishman—or "Wish." He moved away to California three years ago, when they were 13, but then professed his love for her via e-mail, and he's been her long-distance BF ever since.

At the beginning of her junior year, though, Wish e-mails that he's moving back to Jersey. Great, right? Well, except that Dough has gained about 70 pounds since the last time Wish saw her, while Wish—according to his Facebook photos—has morphed into a blonde god. Convinced that she'll be headed for Dumpsville the minute Wish lays eyes on her, Dough delays their meeting as long as she possibly can.

But when she sees Wish at school, something amazing happens. He looks at Dough like she's just as gorgeous as he is. But Wish is acting a little weird, obsessed with the sun and freaked out by rain. And the creepy new guy working at the bakery, Christian, is convinced that there's more to Wish's good looks than just healthy eating and lots of sun. He tells Dough that a mark on Wish's neck marks him as a member of the Luminati—an ancient cult of astrologers who can manipulate the stars to improve their lives. Is Wish and Dough's love meant to be—or are they star-crossed?

(Description from Goodreads)

Already have this one coming to me in the form of an ARC, and should be getting it within the next couple of days! I'm a HUGE sucker for books that are realistic fiction, but with a little fantasy twist in the middle to make them not-so-real. I'll have a review up for this book as soon as I finish it, and hopefully it will be as great as it sounds!

Release Date: July 12th, 2011 from Delacorte Books for Young Readers

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  1. I like the sound of this. It's stands out from everything else I've been reading. Thanks for pointing it out, it's going on my TBR now.

    Here is my WoW for this week


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