About Me

About Brave New Shelf:

Brave New Shelf began in early 2011 when I realized that the only thing more fun than reading book blogs was keeping my own! I had been stuck in book limbo for a while, in a funk and not knowing what to read or even what I liked to read anymore. Salvation came in March when I got a gig reviewing young adult books once a month over at the teen writing website Figment between 2011 and early 2012. My love for books was restored and BNS was born!

Reviews ceased in 2014 due to the intensity of my coursework, though all reviews posted before then are still up. I am not currently looking to review ARCs beyond the ones that I already have, and I do not know when I will re-open for ARC reviews in the future. Currently, this blog serves as more of a record of books I've read for the sake of keeping my memory fresh in regards to what I've read. 

About me:

I'm Emily, a senior in college pursuing a degree in geology :) I've loved science for as long as I can remember, and I'm really hoping to work in a science museum someday.
Aside from science, I also have a major passion for writing. I've participated in National Novel Writing Month (and its spin-offs) for several years now. I'm tealeaf82 over there, for anyone else who wants to participate!

When I'm not fully engulfed in the written word I enjoy creek stomping and catching crayfish in the stream in my backyard, peppered with the occasional kayaking excursion at a local lake. I also like playing Skyrim and watching cartoons and Disney movies. I also knit and do some needlepoint.
Thanks for checking out Brave New Shelf!