Review Policy

*~*I am currently NOT accepting books for review, regardless of genre, format, or publication date. I am also not accepting post requests/ offers/ partnerships/ guest posts/ blog or book tours of any kind at this moment*~*
 The guidelines below are a record of books that I will accept in the future!

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Review Policy

Books I will accept for review

  • Fiction of all ages, especially;
  • Science-fiction, fantasy, or non-fiction (particularly centered around the natural sciences)
  • ARC/ review copies, finished copies, Adobe Digital Edition downloads, Kindle PC downloads
Books I will not accept for review:

  • Genres: Horror (of any age), non-fiction (non-science topics), religious fiction/ non-fiction

My Promise to You

Books that are reviewed have either been read either in their entireity or partially. In the event of the latter, I will explain as to while the book was DNF (did not finish). I give a star rating out of five which I explain on my sidebar. You also have my word that I will not discuss any plot twists/ the ending of your novel before the publication date. Those are what make reading fun!

I plan to keep the ARCs I receive, but in the event I must get part with some they will be donated or given away. ARCs will not be sold to anyone for any price.

(Updated 1/18/15)

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