Getting Settled

I'm a week and a half into classes at school and I'm glad to say that things are going well!

I'm at a dry period in my day now: I had just one class this morning, which I supplemented with going to the gym and are now just hanging out in my room watching Danny Phantom on Netflix.

Other than Spanish this morning I've got two anthropology classes on Tuesday and Thursday paired with a required honors class that I have to take.

And, even better news...

My library card came in the mail yesterday! All I have to do now if pop off to the city and get it validated at one of the libraries and I can start taking out books! This will probably happen over my President's Day break in a few weeks, so I'll make a post about how that goes!

Also, a this-just-in piece of news:

We have a new family member! Her name is Marley, and she's about a year old. She's been adopted from the local pet and animal supply store that has been working with a local shelter to get some of their cats adopted out to good families :) I'm still grieving a bit over the loss of my last cat and longtime friend Whiskers, but it will be nice to have another furry face around and I can't wait to see her over spring break!

More college news later, and next week I'll try and get back on track with my memes and reviews. Thanks for the patience while I get settled in again!

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  1. Marley looks like my Sir Pru.

    NYC library card. *swoon* (and jealous, lol)


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