The End of Google Reader

Unfortunately, as of July 1st Google Reader will be no more. I've been a fan of the service for years so it really upsets me to have to look elsewhere, but alas things must go on.

Thankfully, my search wasn't long. Feedly let me transfer over almost all of my blogs to their services. The only ones that won't be making it are the ones that I registered for through the Google Reader app. This isn't a major problem for me, as I already separated out the book blogs that I read frequently and put them in a new category that successfully made it to feedly.

This switch-over has also been very cleansing for me. I was following a lot of blogs that weren't posting anything anymore and many that were reviewing books that I wasn't interested in reading. It's nice that I'm kind of being forced to put my priorities in order and look again at what sorts of blogs I want to be reading and what sorts of content that I want to be reading.

I hope that everyone who is being displaced by Google finds the system that works for them!

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