2013 Round-Up: How My Challenges Treated Me

I participated in three reading challenges in 2013, none of which I completed, but I read some pretty good books last year that I might not have picked up if not for them. That counts as a success in my book!

2013 Goodreads Reading Challenge: I planned for 30 and ended up reading 38. I find it hard to make time to read at school, so I pack what I can (in between doing other things *ahemvideogamesahem*) during my breaks. I'm happy that I was able to make time for 38 books this year, and hopefully in 2014 I'll be able to up that to 40. I lament the fact that I may never return to the overwhelming succcess (in my book) of 52 books in 2012, but who knows! Maybe I'll finally get my butt in gear (and off Tumblr) in 2014.

Debut Author Challenge 2013: This... did not go well for me. The idea was to read books by authors whose first published works were released in 2013 and in that specific month if you wanted to participate in mini-challenges. This is simply too hard for me: my school library has no fiction to be found and the local public libraries are too out of the way to make travelling there convient. I never spend money on books and libraries don't often get books "in time" to make the mini-challenges. When they do, they are often snapped up quickly. They can also be hard to locate: my local public libraries don't have an easy was of looking up debut authors, and sometimes books from the previous year are mixed into the new sections.
Also... not many debut books interested me. I'd find a debut book, but the plot summary sounded too boring to me to attempt. It simply wasn't the challenge for me.
Still, I did get a 3/10, and those three were pretty good, so again I'm impressed that I did as well as I did.

YA/MG Fantasy Challenge: I made it 8/10, though if we would count Fables (whether or not your could consider it young adult is a bit dubious; it deals with pretty adult themes) then I roll in at a perfect 10/10.
I liked this challenge a lot, I really enjoy fantasy, and I finally got around to starting the Harry Potter series! I would participate again, but that isn't looking like it's going to happen. I would love to host it myself, but I think I'll have save for the future when my drive to blog is on more solid footing.

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  1. I never do the reading challenge thingies, but they seem like fun, maybe I should start!
    Interesting Blog. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, which helps new bloggers with less than 200 followers (I wasn't sure how many followers you have) meet other bloggers. I posted information about the award, and how you participate over on my blog The Vivacious Hobo.


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