Review: After School Charisma by Kumiko Suekane

It's difficult to live up to your expectations, especially if you happen to be a clone of those such as Albert Einstein, Marie Currie, and Queen Elizabeth I. But that's exactly the situation at St. Kleio Academy, where every student (save for the very average Shiro Kamiya) is a clone of a famous, or infamous, person.

As if you couldn't already cut the tension with a knife, just as the clone of former President Kennedy is about to be elected, he is shot by a member of a secret organization determined to make sure that the once-silenced leaders of the world stay silent. Afraid that they may soon follow the same fate, many of the students begin to take solace in "The Almighty Dolly," Dolly the sheep, one of the first cloned mammals.

Far from the typical high school manga that many of us are used to, High School Charisma treats the reader not only to an interesting and gripping story line, but also to likeable characters (many of whom you may recognize from their past lives) and beautiful art.

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