Review: Artemis Fowl #1 by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is not your average teenager. Heck, even if he was an adult, as his advanced vocabulary and mature (albeit shady) business maneuvers would indicate, he would not be average. With a missing father and ailing mother, the only company Artemis has is his bodyguard who supports him in his endeavors. Truthfully though, he prefers it that way, especially since that means he can devote all of his time to formulating his greatest scam ever: conning an entire group out of one metric ton of gold. This, in any other story, would be worthy of an eye roll. I mean, haven’t we heard it all before? The evil mastermind swiping gold from innocent people? It would be, if those people weren’t an advanced race of fairies, dwarves, and other magical beings that have quarantined themselves to the center of the Earth to keep their very existence a secret from average humans. Unfortunately for them, and what is quickly discovered by Holly Short, a female LEPrecon (“Lower Elements Police”) officer, when Artemis kidnaps her for ransom, Artemis Fowl is no ordinary human being.

Hitting its tenth birthday this year (oldie, but a goodie!) with seven books out and an eighth and final set for release this year, the Artemis Fowl series is a runaway train that still shows no signs of slowing down. Despite it’s aged status (and I mean that in the nicest of ways. After all, how many YA book series can you name that are as old , and are not only releasing new books today, but said books are hitting the top of the New York Times bestseller lists upon their release?) the Artemis Fowl series is still experiencing success, and for a good reason.

In reality, there aren’t enough good things that I can say about this series. I started reading it in seventh grade, read through the first four twice, and are trying to finish the seventh (amongst a million other books) before the last one is released.

I’d really recommend anyone to give this series a try, especially for fantasy nerds who love their evil kid geniuses (admit it, you’re one of them!), though maybe not so much for people who are too serious for immature or toilet humor (trust me, it isn’t in short supply here), but I certainly hope you don’t let that stop you!

In the four years I’ve been reading Artemis Fowl, never has it felt like a burden to read, and I hope to continue with it long after the final books has been published (and quite frankly, seeing as the series has been in talks for a movie for almost its entire existence, that may not be such an unrealistic expectation. But, rest assured, I’ll go see it even if I’m forty!)

5/5 (though the first three are my favorite)
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