Fantastic Covers Friday (4): Missing by Becky Citra

Fantastic Covers Friday is a weekly meme over here at Brave New Shelf where I highlight beautiful covers that I find, from both old books and new, from young adult books.

This Week:

Missing by Becky Citra
Cover design by Teresa Bubela
Text design and typesetting by Jasmine Devonshire
Cover photography by Getty Images

Sometimes the prettiest books aren't the ones published by major companies or written by New York Times bestsellers. What draws me to this cover is the ambiguity: you can't tell if the girl is hugging the horse, and we just can't see her, or if she's hiding from the camera behind the horse. The fact that the type fades out, literally begins to disappear, fits in nicely with the title itself.

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  1. Wow! I was so excited to see my book cover on your blog! I love the cover too - it really captured the feeling I tried to convey in the book. Orca (my publisher) does great book covers. Check out my new blog Write to the Point beckycitra.blogspot.com


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