Polish and Prose (1)

One of my goals for blogging in 2013 has been to put a little more of myself into my blog, which includes sharing some of my other book-related hobbies with my readers and followers. One of those passions? Nail polish!

Polish and Prose won't be weekly, nor will it always coincide with what currently I'm reading or reviewing, but I have a couple of designs lined up that I think turned out pretty well :)

The first is from Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans, released just yesterday!

Nothing particularly fancy, not like these lovely Level 2 nails from The Overflowing Library that I came across last week, but I think they turned out nice none-the-less :) The inspiration comes from what I'm assuming will be the book jacket:

Stay tuned for more book-based nail art!


  1. These are fabulous! Last year, I started sometimes posting nail polish on my blog, too, because people were commenting on my nails from video posts. I haven't done any related to books yet, however. I must!!


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