Review: This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas

God has done a lot for Olivia Peters, including giving her the gift of words, and she becomes sure of this once she wins a prestigious writing competition judged by her literary hero and local Catholic faith leader, Father Mark. Olivia looks up to Father Mark, and is honored and flattered by the time that he wants to spend with her. That is, until it gets to be too much. Soon, Olivia is dreading her time with Father Mark, his unannounced visits and gifts, getting too close too soon, and Olivia realizes that she needs to draw a line before she gets in over her head.

Though dealing with religious themes, I would not say that this book cannot be enjoyed by people who do not adhere to the Catholic faith. Rather, the religious themes within are also entwined with power, abuse, and fear.

Quick paced, Freitas does not waste the reader's time with excess language, and uses every word written to its fullest extent to build the exciting-gone-frightening world that Olivia finds herself in. Olivia herself is strong, but also very realistic when her abilities and flaws come together to form what I would say is an average teenage girl that the reader can relate to.

Haunting and thought-provoking with overtones taken from the headlines, This Gorgeous Game has something for everyone.


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