Twilight Re-Read Along: Chapters 11-15

Yay! I'm back on schedule! Glad to know that I'm not 2-3 chapters behind everyone anymore...

This week was chapters 11-15, and the answered are hosted at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader.

1. Do you think the name "Twilight" for this book is fitting with the story? Do you think a better name could have been chosen? What about the series and the names as a whole? If you're shooting for an accurate title, "How Edwards Smells," "How Angelic Edward's Face Is," or, even better, "How Similar to Chiseled Marble Edward's Abs Are," would be best, seeing as how often Edward is physically described in the book is getting to be a bit of a stretch at this point, especially since we don't really get anything about Bella, or anyone else for that matter.
I know that there is a deep, philosophical reason for why the book is titled, "Twilight," but I have yet to come up with any award-winning ideas.

2. On this re-read, what’s your favorite part of the book? Is it the vampires, setting, plot, characters, Edward, or something else? I really like the setting, and the description of Forks itself. It's a lot like my own home town, but with a lot more moss. I think it sounds like a very laid back place to live, which is good or bad depending on the kind of person that you are.

3. Edward shows his stalkerish/controlling tendencies during these chapters for the first time (at least Bella is aware), did this bother you the first time you read Twilight? Does it bother you now that you’re re-reading it? Should Bella be more worried about it? I can't say that I noticed it my first time around, but it's really bothering me now. I can't help but find Edward to be downright manipulative regarding Bella (and no, it has nothing to do with him "dazzling" her), and I  think that that is the true reason that Bella should be cautious of Edward. Earlier when Bella wanted to drive home herself he was very adamant about her getting in the car with him and even threatened to "drag her back." He even goes so far as to sneak into her room and watch her sleep at night. If someone said/ did something like that in our non-fictitious world, you can bet it would not be seen as caring and romantic.

4. Do you find yourself, during or after reading another paranormal/supernatural book, comparing it to Twilight? If you do, why do you think that is? Is it because it’s popular or because it’s just a book that makes an impact?I don't find myself doing it, but I do compare books with vampire and werewolf themes in them (though I don't read a lot of those.)
I think for me it would have to do with more popularity, because this book has failed to make a lasting impact on me. I know that I'm digging my own grace by saying this, but I find it to be very average. Average plot, average characters, average dialogue, etc. I'm still trying to get to the part where it becomes a truly memorable book, at least for me.

5. Bella is introduced to the Cullen Family in chapter 15, who is your favorite Cullen and why?
I like something about all of them, but at the moment I really like Rosalie. My favorite part had to be when Edward was describing how she carried Emmett back when she found him wounded because she could not turn him into a vampire herself, and I think that alone says a lot about her character. I also like Carlisle.

Wow, really depressing post. Still, I really have been enjoying this book so far, but more the act of reading it than the plot, characters, etc. I'm determined to stick with it to the end!

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