Twilight Re-Read: Chapters 21-24/ Epilogue

Wow... it's over. Twilight still holds the current record for the longest book I've ever read at almost 500 pages (a title that many of my friends laugh at), and I like that I got to refresh my memory of it through a re-read. It was so much fun, and I'd love to join another at some point in the future. But for now, here are the last of the questions and answers!

1. In chapter 21 James calls Bella telling her he has her mother and the only way he won't kill her is if Bella comes alone. What would you do in that situation? Come alone or tell Alice and Jasper?
I think it would have been better to tell Alice and Jasper. I mean, surly they could have found a way to stop him without him noticing them. Bella going alone was brave, but she could have been spared a lot of pain by telling Alice and Jasper the truth.

2. Was everyone else as shocked as I was when I first found out about the Alice/James situation? Do you think this adds to the story line or was it not needed? Why do you think they choose not to include these details in the movie?
I was surprised, despite having read the books before, but I really don't think that it was as essential to the story as it's written to be. The book could have been fine without it, but it was an interesting extra. I don't know much about the movie, but if they didn't mention that Alice knew nothing of her past, then the Alice/ James situation wouldn't have had to have been mentioned in the end at all.

3. Edward had to do something extremely difficult in order to save Bella from becoming a vampire. Have you ever had a similar situation in your life where you had to push your will power to its limits?
I sat through five Regents (state) exams this past June, each at least two hours long. If you didn't pass one, you would have to repeat the corresponding class. Oh, and you can't make them up later in the year because the state is cutting back, so if you fail you go under. Everyone is pretty much pushed to their limits during that time.

4. Bella and Edward get into the "to change Bella or not to change Bella" argument in the hospital. If you were Bella, would you want to become a vampire? Why or why not?
If I was Bella, obviously yes. She made it clear that it was all that she wanted in the history of her entire life, etc., etc. Sitting here now at my computer desk, do I want to be a vampire? No, not really. It seems like a whole lot of work and pain for not a whole lot of benefit. I'm sure their must be less painful ways to immortality.

5. Twilight ends with everyone going to the prom. Did you go to your prom? Was your experience similar to Bella's? Feel free to include pictures!!
I did, but with my friends. It was late last May, so the weather was nice (though it rained later) and was definitely a couples thing. It wasn't in the gym, but in a nice place where they hold weddings and such in the next town, and was very beautiful. All of the music was rap and hip-hop, so no slow dances. The food was excellent, and my friends and I got to our table before everyone else (the line was so long). I didn't dance a whole lot, but instead sat around and talked most of the time. Yeah, it wasn't really enjoyable but I'll probably go next year. 

EXTRA: So, it's over...Final thoughts?
I'd give it about a two point five; a neutral rating. I didn't think it was that bad, but I didn't think it was that good either. Whether or not I'll pick up the rest of the books, I really don't know yet (I've got so much on my reading list), but maybe I will in the future.


    1. Thank you so much for reading along with us! :-)

    2. Great answers...:) And exams....very frightening!!

    3. I wish that Meyer had brought up Alice's reaction to learning her history. Maybe had a little reaction time with the family. I think it could have worked better. As it stands it was probably the wrong moment for the reveal...and seems a little lost in the scene.

    4. I would say those exams would push me to the limit too!

    5. Any sort of exam would be pushing me to my limits! Glad you made it through :) Glad you were able to join in!

    6. I agree with what thelibrarianreads said about Alice finding out about her history. It might have been nice to find out a bit more about it, but at a different place in the book.

      Thanks for reading along with us. It has been fun!


    7. At my prom, you had to go with a date... :( Looking back at it now, that's just wrong! Thanks for reading along!


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