One YA Dystopian Anthology, Coming Up!

Picture from Divergent Fans
Divergent Fans, to go-to place for all things Veronica Roth related, has announced that Roth will have an upcoming story in Shards and Ashes, a dystopian anthology due out early 2013. Whether or not the story will relate back to the Divergent trilogy or be a new story all together has yet to be mentioned.

After I learned that Brave New Worlds, a dystopian anthology that I've reviewed before, was out of print I was pretty upset, so I'm glad to see that there's another collection of stories on the horizon.

I'm very eager to see what these ladies have come up with, building a dystopian world can be tricky when you have a page limit, but I'm sure that our authors will come out on top.

You can read more about the anthology over at Divergent Fans.

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  1. Interesting. I loved Divergent. My book club is actually reading it this month. Thanks for the news!


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