Fantastic Covers Friday (10): The House of Power by Patrick Carman

Fantastic Covers Friday is a weekly meme over here at Brave New Shelf where I highlight beautiful covers that I find, both old and new, from young adult books.

This Week:

The House of Power (Atherton #1) by Patrick Carman
Design by Kirk Benshoff
Illustrations copyright © 2007 by Squire Broel
Cover artwork copyright © 2007 by Phillip Straub
Jacket artwork by Bernard Garcia, © 2007 by Little, Brown and Company
Logo Design by Blacksheep, © 2007 by Little, Brown and Company


You really have to see this cover in real life to get the full effect. The tan part with the sketch is a partial dust jacket, with the cliff setting (which is flat-out gorgeous) being the cover of the book itself. The pencil drawings are exquisite, and contrast nicely with the full color scenery picture above it. This is totally a book that I would pick up just from seeing its cover.

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