New Excitingness!

Less than a week and a half since school let out for me and already so many exciting things have been going on!

1) I graduated today from high school! It was over 90°F , and we were all smooshed together in our polyester robes, but it was amazing! Everything turned out so perfect, and I got an iPhone as a grad gift (a huge upgrade from my TracFone.)  Her name is Hero, like the character from Much Ado About Nothing.

2) Divergent Fans has announced that Lionsgate and Summit have plans to begin the filming of a Divergent movie later this year! I'm hoping for nothing less than a pre-Hunger Games-esque blowout with everyone on the edge of their chairs to find out who plays Tris. I will accept nothing less! They are also the new owners of Insugent's rights as well, so presuming all goes well (and I just know that it well) we should be expecting that a few years down the road as well. You can read the story here.

So, the major questions here are, who do you want to play Tris? Ever since I watched True Grit my go-to girl for book role hopefuls has been Hailee Steinfeld. She has definitely proven herself to have a calm and mature acting style, and can (hopefully will!) bring nothing but greatness to Divergent, whatever role may she take.

Do you have any actresses you'd love to see as Tris? Actors as Four?

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