Camp NaNoWriMo Week Four (8/18 - 8/25)


What it should be: 38,709 (as of midnight, 8/25)

Favorite lines:

I’m halfway through a waffle cone of cherry ice cream when my phone rings. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, it had to have been my parents, or Penelope’s parents, wondering why the heck we weren’t in school. I check the phone’s screen cautiously, exhaling when I see Fran’s number. I answer.
“Hey, Fran. I can’t talk a lot, I’m in school.”
“Oh, quit it with the bullshit, deary, I saw you and your little friend at that pep rally in the center of town earlier,” Fran says from the other end. I blush, thankful that she can’t see me now.

Biggest stressor: I'm worried more about finishing my packing for school, getting all (or at least most) of my required reading done, and finishing all of my pleasure reading before I have to return all of those books at the library. That, along with going and buying the things that I'll need, making lists for more things I'll need, and communicating with my roommate has kept me really busy. My drive to write has been pretty low.

How I feel about this week: Kind of crummy, but I'm still pressing on. I haven't given up yet, and are kicking it into overdrive to finish this thing before I leave next Thursday.

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