Week 1: Camp NaNoWriMo August Session (8/1-8/3)


What it should be: 4838 (as of midnight, 8/4)

Favorite lines: (between Henriette, the main character, and her friend Penelope)

     “Blood Lust,” I say, reading the cover aloud. “What’s it about, incest?”
     “No, stupid,” Penelope says, grabbing it back to flip through the pages. “It’s about this mortal girl that meets this hot vampire guy and fall in love despite, you know, the fact that he’s a lot older than her. That’s the part that’s kind of creepy, but I tried not to think about it too much while reading it. It’s really good, if you read anything in that bag it should be that one,” she says, closing up the car and locking it. I stare down at Blood Lust and give Penelope a shrug. “I think incest would’ve been more interesting.”

Biggest stressor: Starting, and trying to decide where my story is trying to go as I'm writing. I don't exactly have time to plan now as I'm trying to reach 50,000 in one month along with reading for Dystopian August, planning for college, spending the last precious moments of summer with friends before we all leave, etc.

How I feel about this week: Pretty good! I'm right on track, I've got some good stuff written, and I'm feeling great about this story, especially since I was so apprehensive before vabout writing a paranormal romance (something I rarely read.)

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