Feature and Follow Friday (9)

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted over at Parajunkee and Allison Can Read. This week's question:

Q: What blogger inspires you? It can be any kind, it doesn't have to be a book blog.

The first that came to mind was Lenore Appelhans from Presenting Lenore, and no, I'm not just being a butt kisser because of that sweet Dystopian August prize pack. She was the first book blog that I started reading about a year and a half ago, and since then I've participated in two Dystopian Augusts, one Dystopian February, and have been keeping up as she worked hard to publish her novel, Level Two

Hard work has paid off for the both of us: her novel is coming out in 2013 and my blog just passed 7000 views. Her blog is a pleasure to read, and I love her devotion to the dystopian subgenre. So, go visit her blog and spread some love!

(And if you're reading this, Lenore, just let me know if you ever need a guest post for one of your dystopian months!)

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  1. I will definitely check her out, Happy Friday!

    New Follower

    My FF

  2. I will have to check out her blog. I love your blog! Love the colors. Oh and new follower here via GFC.

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  3. Definitely will be checking her blog out! Happy Friday!
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    ~Caitlin :)

  4. Great! I'm off to check out that blog :D
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  5. Followed!

    I love looking at other people's answers. That way, I can find new people to love too!(:


  6. Awesome answer! Have a nice weekend!

    My Follow Friday post.

  7. Presenting Lenore is a cool blog. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but yes, I discovered her blog through a giveaway. I loved Presenting Lenore ever since. New Follower.


  8. Aww! Thanks Emily! It's nice to hear that Dystopian August still has its fans :) And you're welcome to come do a guest post anytime!

  9. Stopping by her blog next :) *New Follower*

    My FF

    Happy Reading :)

  10. Stopping by there now :). New follower through FF.

    Here's mine: FF

  11. It is so awesometastic that her book is being published by Simon & Schuster! Thanks for such a great Friday Follow post-definitely a new follower!

    A Splatter of Ink

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  12. Great answer!

    Old follower hopping through.

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  13. New follower!

    I'll have to check that blog out :)


  14. New follower - have a great Friday!

  15. Ooh I can't wait to read level 2! Great answer! And your blog is adorable! <3

    Xpresso Reads

  16. Hi!
    I just came across your site and it is really lovely! I happily followed you and will enjoy reading your updates. You can find me over at Rainy Day Reads, www.rainydayreads.com It would be great if you could stop by and I would love to have a fellow book lover as a new follower.
    Christine x
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