Camp NaNoWriMo Week Three (8/11 - 8/17)

19, 093

What it should be: 27, 419 (as of midnight, 8/11)

Favorite lines:

“You have reached Francine Weathers at the Red Efts Nature Education Center. For visitors information and hours, please press one. To leave an administrative related message, please press two. If you would like an interview regarding that insufferable book with our lovely park as a setting, please lift yourself by the seat of your pants and kick your own ass out of my town. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Biggest stressor: Remembering to write! I've had such a busy week; my family got back from camping Monday, I had a friend over to watch a movie Tuesday, Wednesday night I saw Spider-Man, Thursday night I practiced driving and spent the day reading, and today I took (and passed!) my driver's test and saw Paranorman with some friends. Writing comes easiest for me at night, but I know that not writing during the day is no excuse, but I'm usually doing other things then (read: procrastinating.)

How I feel about this week: Neutral. I'm not any further or behind than I planned to be. Writing is still coming very easily for me, I just keep putting it off! I hope to spend more time writing tomorrow, the house should be pretty quiet.

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