Dauntless Movie Night

Things are really heating up over the upcoming release of Veronica Roth's Insurgent, sequel to the oh-so awesome Divergent.

Anywho, there's another challenge this week for the Dauntless Street team, and it isn't too late to sign up if you're still interested! You can also help out the Dauntless faction by going to either our Tumblr, or by clicking on this link for Insurgent at Harper Teen. Heck, if enough of us pre-order Insurgent Veronica Roth will release a scene from Four's perspective! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Back to buisness: the challenge prompt that I picked is, "Movie Night: List of movies that would be shown for a  Dauntless movie night."

So, of course anything action-y and exciting, all with people doing extraordinary things...

1. X- Men: First Class
Nothing like an action-packed superhero movie to start off your night! I'm sure that any of the X-Men films would have worked well, but since this one is the freshest in my brain, onto the list it goes! This goes for the ending especially, which I won't spoil for you, but I will say has a moment where several main characters stand up for what we believe in, whether we agree with their choices or not.

2. The Hunger Games
Yeah, kind of an obvious choice, but what's more brave than a girl running to her death to protect her sister? I can't think of anything. With plenty of fast-paced action The Hunger Games would make the perfect addition to a Dauntless movie night.

3. Winter's Bone
Okay, this will be the last Jennifer Lawrence movie on this list, I promise, but she's just too good to pass up! This is the perfect movie for those who still like to be brave, but aren't necessarily all for numerous explosions and car chases ringing in their ears after a long day. About a girl who's forced to both provide for her family and track down her missing father, this is great for anyone who likes darker movies with a pulse-pounded climax (and really, who lives more pulse-pounding lives than the members of Dauntless?)

4. Brave
An obvious choice because of the title, and who doesn't love a Pixar movie? I mean, have you seen this awesome trailer? Merida has Dauntless written all over her!

5. Spider-Man
The Dauntless faction is a lot more than just being brave, it's about being brave even when you don't want to. Peter Parker's decision to use his new-found powers for good, even when he didn't ask for them, makes for a great moral in a Dauntless movie.

Those are my picks. What films would you show on a Dauntless movie night?


  1. YES X-MEN!! I love it! And the Hunger Games!! Awesome list!! :) ;)

    1. I like that I included it because it reminded me to watch it again :)

  2. Love all you picks X-men is the bomb! haha

    1. I'm glad that X-Men is so popular! Let's hope that it goes over just as well with Dauntless.

  3. Why didn't I think of X-Men!? That's a great pick! I also agree with your choice of Brave. It may not be out yet, but I just know it's going to be an awesome film.

    1. I figured Brave was worth including from the trailer alone, but I'll definitely have to talk more about it here once it comes out!


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