Fantastic Covers Friday (1): The Wager

Every time I go into work (at my public library as a page, fyi) I always walk out with at least a few photos of book covers on my iPod Touch. Some of these are books I want to read, and all of them have covers so eye-catching that I just need to take a snapshot of them.

I'm no graphic designer, but my love for well-designed book covers runs deep, and now it's finally all coming together over here at Brave New Shelf with my new weekly meme, Fantastic Covers Friday! It's exactly how it sounds; I find covers, I post covers, I rave about covers. Easy as pie!

This Week:

The Wager, by Donna Jo Napoli
Jacket Design by Rich Deas

For a book about a deal with the devil, the red-and-black woodcut style really works for this book. It's quite stark in person too, pulling it off of the YA shelf, surrounded by other books with all kinds of colors and patterns. You know just by looking at this book that whatever is going on inside isn't a walk in the park for the main characters. I don't know if Deas did the original illustrations or simply found them, but the original artist is crazy with their attention to detail; it's worth taking a minute to soak it all in. What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th?

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