Fantastic Covers Friday (2): The Disenchantments

Fantastic Covers Friday is a weekly meme over here at Brave New Shelf where I highlight beautiful covers that I find, from both old books and new, from young adult books.

This week:

The Disenchantments by Nine LaCour
Jacket Photography by M. Jamali
Type Design by Mia Nolting
Cover Design by Theresa Evangelista

I honestly think that this one looks better in real life than the picture online makes it out to be. The physical copy looks a bit more sun-touched, and the highlight is higher up on her hand than it is in this photo. I'm not normally a fan of faces on covers, but this one balances out so well I can't picture it any other way. I love that hint of a smile that she has, and the color of the sunglasses matching with the color in the title really pulls the whole thing together. The fact that you can see the photographer reflected in her sunglasses (which I only just noticed now) is a great addition that plays well to the book itself (the theme of friendship, and travelling with a band. It makes it look like she's not just smiling randomly, but rather at someone.)

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