I'm a Member of Team Dauntless!!

I've decided to join Team Dauntless in preparation for Insurgent's release on May 1st!

 The Dauntless faction doesn't shy from danger or excitement; we crave adventure and thrills. Is that the kind of person I am? No way. But Dauntless is about being brave, and doing the things that maybe you can't do otherwise. It may not be the faction I want, but it is the faction that I need.

Do you need a little courage? Then pop on over to Once Upon a Twilight to learn more. Or, you can go over to Divergent's Facebook page, click on Choosing Ceremony, and click the Dauntless button to read our manifesto and see for yourself what Dauntless is all about.

Oh, and did I mention that Katniss Everdeen is listed under examples of people who'd be in our faction?

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