Literary Tattoos and Dauntless News

Dauntless Faction News reblogged an awesome photoset from fourbiased of different factions and their symbols. With the one from Dauntless showing off a tattooing needle, I thought, might as well make this a post about literary tattoos!
Literary tattoos have become a lot more popular in recent years, and I think that they're awesome! For those comfortable with getting them, they're the ultimate devotion to books and stories.

From the Harry Potter series

I've been reading through a lot of the background stories over at The Word Made Flesh, a Tumblr dedicated to literary quotes as tattoos, and to the people that have them they're everything from expression of a love of a certain passage or author, from a personal connection felt with a story or book, or even a way to help reach out to other fans of the series you're tattooed with.

My friends and I have talked about this, and I know several book-lovers who want tattoos of their favorite novels (including at least two who want the symbol for the deathly hallows on their shoulders). 
From The Hunger Games series
Me? I would be just peachy with a tiny acorn, from the Artemis Fowl novels, somewhere on my neck or shoulders. Especially in the first book, an acorn, found under very specific conditions, is taken and replanted somewhere else to restore ones magic. I love the book series, and the idea that after you replant yourself, you're reborn.
If you have a literary tattoo, or are thinking of getting one, feel free to leave a comment!

*Note: All pictures of tattoos originated at The Word Made Flesh, and the links below all photos go back to their respective posts. Get over there to share some love!


  1. I love literary tattoos; they're just more interesting to me than other kinds of tatts. I have to say, though, that I wouldn't get a tattoo from a book as recent as The Hunger Games or Twilight. I think you should have loved something for years and years and *know* you're not going to change your mind about it before you get it permanently inked on your skin.

    1. I agree, and it appears on The Word Made Flesh that a lot of the tattoos are from older works, or from books that one loved since they were a child. I think that's a good rule to have for any tattoo, literary or not, to have thought it over for a while.


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